Returning the Equipment

April 28, 2010 at 1:34 pm | Posted in Missy | Leave a comment

I just took almost all of our remaining borrowed gadgetry to the Bright House office. Two CableCARDs from out of the TiVo, and that ghastly tuning adapter so we could (sometimes) get the extended HD channels.

I handed over the equipment, the guy scanned them in, then asked, “So just the internet connection, then?” I said yes. His only response was, “Okay, you’re all set.”

What’s going on, Bright House? Don’t you even care? First the guy on the phone doesn’t fight the cancellation, now the guy in person doesn’t either? I’m perplexed. Seems like every other time I’ve canceled a service, I get all sorts of “are you sure” and “what can we do to keep you” questions. But from these guys, nothing.

I asked the guy about the upcoming Road Runner Lightning service — speeds up to 40mbps, as well as some other extras (Road Runner Radio & Video Channel) that may or may not be worth an extra investment. He said it’s slated to roll out “this summer”, so anywhere from two to five months from now. I’ve signed up to be alerted when it’s available in our area, so we’ll check it out at that time and see if it’s worth upgrading.


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